Patricia H.

Audrey has been tutoring both my kids for 2+ years. During remote teaching my daughter fell behind in her classes. Audrey worked with her and her teachers to get her caught up. Audrey went above and beyond to teach my daughter how to stay organized and to help her communicate with her teachers. Audrey is also excellent at helping my daughter with Spanish. It has been so important for my daughter to have another Spanish speaker to practice with and help with reading. Audrey has also helped my son get back on track and organized with his assignments. She has been a huge help in boosting his confidence in math. Both my kids have developed a real connection with Audrey and we are so grateful to be able to work with her. We have also used her for text prep and college planning support. Audrey is a wonderfully creative, passionate, and compassionate person and an amazing tutor. I highly recommend her!

Darcelle C.

Having tutoring sessions remotely with Audrey has turned out to work really well. She is well versed in a variety of subjects at an advanced level so we are able to tap her for both biology and geometry and algebra 2. Audrey has a great way of making learning fun and keeping kids engaged and happy with school. She helped reduce my child’s stress and frustration. My daughter started working with Audrey quite young and feels very comfortable and empowered.

Joann O.

Audrey has worked with my son for around 3 years now, in subjects such as Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Algebra 2. She is organized, communicates well to both my son and me, and is encouraging and positive. According to my son, she is knowledgeable and describes concepts well. Working with her has increased my son’s confidence level and yielded good results with his schoolwork. She is a great role model for high schoolers, given her academic drive, diverse interests and kind personality. We highly recommend Audrey for tutoring and academic support!

Irene E.

Audrey tutored my son in algebra 2 and precalculus for two years. We find her to be very steady and reliable plus she is also outgoing which makes her work well with a variety of personalities. She has strong knowledge on a number of subjects and was able to help with questions beyond the subjects we hired her for.